A.B.C. Beverage Tastings August – December 2024


Atlas Oyster House is proud to present the next installment of Atlas Beverage Classes (A.B.C.). This semester we will be focusing on breweries, wineries and distilleries, discovering what is going on in the beverage world. In addition to the beverage tastings, we will feature small plates paired with each beverage, as prepared by Chef Jason Hughes.

A.B.C. will be held outside, on the Harborview Deck, the first Thursday of the month (August through December) and will feature a local presenter discussing the highlighted beverages. Classes will consist of four tastings of beverages with four small plates to complement each tasting. Classes will cover the basics as well as specific information regarding the history of the

brewery/winery/distillery and their beers, wines, or spirits. All beverages will be announced two weeks prior to the event.

There are two classes every month, each an hour and a half long. The first class begins promptly at 5:00 p.m. with the second class beginning at 7:00 p.m. Class cost is $30 per person (plus tax and gratuity), per class, which gets each participant one tasting of each of the featured beverages. In addition, throughout the class, participants should be prepared for “pop quizzes,” where we will be giving away T-shirts, beer glassware, gift certificates and more. Seating is limited, reservations are required; be sure to make yours by emailing or calling 850-287-0200. The featured themes for each class are as follows:



August 1st: Ology Brewing

Ology’s journey began with the passion for craft beer. Growing up surrounded by science and experimentation, Nick Walker, Head Brewer, developed a keen interest in the world of sensory research, particularly in taste and smell. This fascination, combined with his love for creating food in the kitchen, sparked his venture into home brewing, where he discovered his true passion for crafting exceptional beverages. In collaboration with his longtime friends, Paul Woodward and Brian Clark, Ology took its first steps in June 2017. Their shared enthusiasm for crafting fine liquors, coffee, and a diverse range of beers, from Hazy IPAs to BA stouts, lagers, fruited sours, and unique rums, laid the foundation for what Ology is today.


September 5th: Aviation Gin

Founded in 2006 at Portland, Oregon’s House Spirits Distillery, Aviation Gin is the brainchild of distillery co-founder Christian Krogstad and bartender Ryan Magarian. Soon after its launch, the brand garnered a following within the trade for its more diverse, less juniper-dominated botanic profile. In 2018, the brand truly took off in the national spotlight thanks to involvement from actor Ryan Reynolds. The goal is also educational, with Reynold’s sharing that being hands on allows for guests to experience just what goes into producing “the greatest gin in the world.”


October 3rd: Trick or Treat- Dark and Dessert Beer

Hoppy Halloween- it’s the time of year when Dark Lagers, Winter Ales, Imperial Stouts and Porters take the spotlight for beer lovers and breweries. Dark beer is a broad term that encompasses a variety of beer styles that are characterized by their dark color and rich, complex flavors. Some of the most popular dark beer styles include stouts, porters, and dark lagers. Join us for a night of Boos and Brews to learn about witches’ connection with brewing beer and celebrate this beloved and unique style of beer!

November 7th: Nostros Tequila

Started by Carlos Soto and Michael Arbanas, and in the market by 2017, the idea of Nosotros was catalyzed by a college assignment, born from a passion for tequila. Their first expression, an unaged Blanco, put them on the map when it ultimately yielded “Best Tequila” at the world’s most respected spirits competition amongst many of the industry’s well-known brands. They took their newfound credibility and funneled it into the craft-conscious California market. Originally without contacts in the liquor or dining industries, they’ve grown from a self-distributed underdog in uncharted territory to a climbing competitor on the ranks of cocktail menus and premium spirits lists in several states across the country.

December 5th: Rollins Distillery

With a passion for honest hard work, an unending thirst for knowledge, and a natural-born skill in the craft of distilling, Rollins Distillery was founded by the father-and-son team of Paul and Patrick Rollins. Refusing to let their dreams stay merely dreams, Paul and Patrick opened the distillery in response to their love of the craft and the Northwest Florida region. Incorporated in 2011, Rollins Distillery is the result of big dreams and perfect timing.