Atlas Beverage Class featuring Cantina Especial for Cinco de Mayo


Atlas Oyster House is proud to present the next installment of Atlas Beverage Classes (A.B.C.). This semester we will be focusing on local breweries, wineries and distilleries, discovering what is going on in the beverage world right here in our backyard. In addition to the beverage tastings, we will feature small plates paired with each beverage, as prepared by Chef de Cuisine John Huggins and Pastry Chef David Williams.

A.B.C. will be held outside, on the Deck Bar, the first Thursday of the month (January through June) and will feature a local presenter discussing the highlighted beverages. Classes will consist of four tastings of beverages with four mini appetizers to complement each tasting. Classes will cover the basics as well as specific information regarding the history of the brewery/winery/distillery and their beers, wines, or spirits.

There are two classes every month, each an hour and a half long. The first class begins promptly at 5:00 p.m. with the second class beginning at 7:00 p.m. Class cost is $25 per person (plus tax and gratuity), per class, which gets each participant one tasting of each of the featured beverages. In addition, throughout the class, participants should be prepared for “pop quizzes,” where we will be giving away T-shirts, beer glassware, gift certificates and more. Seating is limited, reservations are required; be sure to make yours by emailing or calling 850-287-0200.

May 5th:  Cantina Especial (Austin, TX)

The team behind CANTEEN Spirits is pleased to announce CANTINA tequila soda, a line of new ready-to-drink canned cocktails. Made with real tequila for the highest-quality taste, the better-for-you beverages are made from premium blue weber agave in the heart of Tequila, in Jalisco Mexico.

“With a history dating back to the 1840s, our blanco tequila is made from premium blue weber Agave in the heart of tequila, Jalisco. Born in Austin & Hecho in Mexico, this artisanal spirit is crafted with precision & passion. Tequila is a spirit rooted in a history that goes back to the Aztecs. Legend has it that the agave plant, from which tequila is made, was a gift from the gods. We reinvented the mythical artform of tequila with CANTINA, a new ready to drink approach to deliver this artisanal spirit to a new generation of cultural trailblazers.”

“CANTINA is more than a drink; it celebrates those who are explorers in both mind and spirit,” says Brandon Cason, who founded the brand in addition to acting as CEO. “We created CANTINA to deliver an artisanal spirit for today’s generation of cultural trailblazers who love quality tequila. Based on our previous success and continued growth with CANTEEN in the vodka space, we are confident we will make just as a significant mark in the tequila space right out of the gate.”

Watermelon Margarita Tequila Soda paired with shrimp ceviche

Grapefruit Paloma Tequila Soda paired with fish tacos

Ranch Water Tequila Soda paired with chicken tinga

Pineapple Vodka Soda paired with tres leches cake con bionico