A.B.C. Beverage Tastings: January – June 2021


Atlas Oyster House is proud to present the next installment of Atlas Beverage Classes (A.B.C.). This semester we will be focusing on local breweries, wineries and distilleries, discovering what is going on in the beverage world right here in our backyard. In addition to the beverage tastings, we will feature small plates paired with each beverage, as prepared by Chef de Cuisine John Huggins.

A.B.C. will be held outside, on the Deck Bar, the first Thursday of the month (January through June) and will feature a local presenter discussing the highlighted beverages. Classes will consist of four tastings of beverages with four mini appetizers to complement each tasting. Classes will cover the basics as well as specific information regarding the history of the brewery/winery/distillery and their beers, wines, or spirits.

There are two classes every month, each an hour and a half long. The first class begins promptly at 5:00 p.m. with the second class beginning at 7:00 p.m. Class cost is $25 per person (plus tax and gratuity), per class, which gets each participant one tasting of each of the featured beverages. In addition, throughout the class, participants should be prepared for “pop quizzes,” where we will be giving away T-shirts, beer glassware, gift certificates and more. Seating is limited, reservations are required; be sure to make yours by emailing or calling 850-287-0200. The featured themes for each class are as follows:

January 7th: Good People Brewing Co. (Birmingham, AL)

In the South, when someone is genuine, honest, and caring, they’re called “good people.” That’s who Good People Brewing keep in mind when they’re crafting their beer—the kind of humble, caring, and respected folks they grew up with. Good People may be the oldest and largest brewery in the state of Alabama, but they don’t put on airs. They’ve found that it’s usually the most unassuming person in the room who truly knows their craft. Because making something great is hard work. But being good is really pretty simple, and always easy to spot.

  • IPA paired with spiced red lentil dip and grilled flatbread
  • Snake Handler Double IPA paired with Bangers and mash, and onion gravy
  • Mu Cha Cho Mexican Style Lager paired with mini chicken chimichangas, salsa verde, and finished with queso
  • Brown Ale paired with chocolate chai floating islands, served with orange cranberry biscotti

February 4th: Props Brewery (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

Props Craft Brewery was founded by two USAF special operations pilots with a passion for brewing beer (and drinking it). With the help of friends, their families, and the community, they have grown from a small brewpub and into a regional brewery known throughout the Panhandle. Our brewery and many of our beers get their names from our owners’ shared experience in propeller or “prop” aircraft. Mike, Nate, & Travis spent most of their lives serving in the United States Air Force. Mike & Nate flew special ops missions together in various prop planes throughout the world and Travis was a helicopter gunner/flight engineer in various special ops choppers. Last, but not least, Brian is a legendary restaurateur with decades of experience who brought our restaurants to life.

  • Dos Pilotos Cerveza paired with hot crab dip and French bread
  •  Blueberry Pilsner paired with baked raspberry brie rye rolls
  •  Flying Coffin IPAwith tempura asparagus, pickled shitakes, sweet soy glaze, and cilantro
  • Blonde Bomber Ale paired with Calas and bananas Foster

March 4th: Wicked Weed (Ashville, NC)

Wicked Weed was imagined, created, and brought to life by the Dickinson’s and the Guthy’s; two families that have been lifelong friends, each bringing a unique skill to the collective ownership team. Upon opening their original brewpub location in 2012, they were known for pushing the envelope in craft by offering 25 unique draft beers including West Coast style IPAs, barrel-aged sour ales, and more. The growth of Wicked Weed’s sour program led to the opening of the South’s first sour beer-dedicated taproom, the Funkatorium. Wicked Weed also began to distribute beer throughout North Carolina in 2014. They moved their first brands into cans while completing a 30K sq. ft. expansion of Wicked Weed West. In order to continue the growth they had seen in the past six years, Wicked Weed Brewing entered into a partnership with the Anheuser-Busch family of craft breweries, and continued expanding to new markets in the Southeast including SC and TN. Now, with four locations in Asheville including three taprooms and a fine dining restaurant, Wicked Weed shows no signs of slowing down. They continue to grow while focusing on innovation, quality, and strong roots in their community of Asheville, North Carolina.

  • Appalachia Session IPA paired with Rueben egg rolls
  • Pernicious IPA paired with Guinness lamb stew
  • Coastal Love Hazy IPA paired with vegetarian shephard’s pie
  • Fresh Pressed Mango, Pineapple, Guava Wheat Ale paired with cinnamon churro with horchata mousse, and strawberry coulis

April 1st: Pensacola Bay (Pensacola, FL)

The Craft Beer Movement is a return to flavorful, authentic beer — and American brewers are leading the way. The Pensacola Bay Brewery is no different; they choose ingredients of the highest quality and painstakingly turn hops and malts into flavorful brew. With each style, they aim to create their own take on classic styles – all without added preservatives or chemicals. While their brewery is also considered a micro-brewery (which means they’re not producing mass quantities of beer – yet!), they approach making beer as a fine craft. Each recipe is a unique creation, and if you get a chance to take part in their special cask nights – the recipe may even be a once-in-a-lifetime flavor! Their beers can be found in various establishments all over the Emerald Coast including Pensacola, Ft. Walton, Destin, 30A, Panama City Beach, Apalachicola and Alabama.

  • Riptide Amber paired with glazed ham on sweet potato biscuits
  • Lil Napoleon IPA paired with grilled harissa lamb sliders
  • Original Pensacola paired with grilled vegetable kabobs and grilled lemon dressing
  • Lighthouse Porter paired with taiyaki style green tea ice cream sandwich

May 6th: Fairhope Brewing Co. (Fairhope, AL)

It started with a mutual love of beer and the same resounding question: Why isn’t there a local craft brewery in Lower Alabama? We all asked it, and while others may sit around and bemoan the answer, we decided to do something about it. That was way back in the year 2012, and while we didn’t know it at the time, that one question would lead to the adventure of a lifetime for a bunch craft beers lovers who were simply looking to slake the thirsts of beer lovers along the Gulf Coast. It was Michele Kane who had the idea while living in Alaska and warming the bar stools in the Alaskan Brewing Company taproom. It was her husband Brian who eagerly agreed. And after bringing on a local home brewer (Dan Murphy), a president of Free the Hops (Gabe Harris), and a law school buddy (Jim Foley), the journey began. We did not know exactly what we were getting into, but we did know one thing: We were going to open Lower Alabama’s first production craft brewery since prohibition. What started as just two beers in the taproom – Everyday Ale and Section Street Wheat – has grown into a selection of six year-round offerings and many occasional brews (not to mentioned cider and wine). Currently, we keep 14 beers and a cider on tap at all times with a wide range of flavors to hit a variety of taste buds. Whether you like IPAs, stouts, ports, fruited beers, or crisp golden ale, we have you covered!

  • TBA paired with smoked salmon BLT on rye focaccia
  • TBA paired with chicken Parmesan skewers with red sauce and mozzarella
  • TBA paired with eggplant involtini
  • TBA paired with Nanaimo bar and blueberry gelato

June 3rd: Proof Brewing Co. (Tallahassee, FL)

Founded by Byron & Angela Burroughs in 2012, Proof Brewing Company prides itself on being an industry leader of innovative beers. Proof Brewing Co. produces big, bold, flavorful beers and remains committed to true artisanal brewing methods in an evolving industry. Tallahassee’s first craft production brewery featuring a 20-barrel brew house, refined tasting room & outdoor beer garden. The brewery has received numerous awards and recognition from the world renowned Hunaphu’s Day, World Beer Cup, Best Florida Beer, Paste Magazine and Wine Enthusiast.

  • TBA paired with a baked oyster trio
  • TBA paired with pulled pork sliders, Memphis slaw, and house-made barbeque chips
  • TBA paired with Thai vegetable green curry and basmati rice cakes
  • TBA paired with Lane cake and blackberry sauce