A.B.C. Beverage Tastings January – June 2017



Atlas Oyster House is proud to present our next installment of Atlas Beverage Classes (A.B.C.). The classes will be held outside, on the Deck Bar, on the first Thursday of the month (January through June) and will feature a presenter along with Great Southern Bar Mixologist, Shaun Dixon, discussing the highlighted beverages. Classes will consist of four tasting of beverages with four tapas plates to complement each tasting. Classes will cover the basics as well as specific information regarding the history of the brewery/distillery and their beers or spirits.


There are two classes every month, each an hour and a half long. The first class begins promptly at 5:00 p.m. with the second class beginning at 7:00 p.m. Class cost is $20 per person (plus tax and gratuity), per class. In addition, throughout the class, participants should be prepared for “pop quizzes,” where we will be giving away T-shirts, beer glassware, gift certificates and more. Seating is limited and reservations are required, so be sure to make yours by emailing or calling 850-217-2347. The featured themes for each class are as follows:


Jan. 5: New York, 1925

The first of a two-part cocktail series that will focus on capturing the spirit of a cultural hub at a defining moment in its history. By 1925, the “roaring twenties” were well underway; big-city youth celebrated mass culture through dance and jazz, and the speakeasy became an institution of Prohibition-era defiance. The danger and urgency of this drinking culture created a golden age of the cocktail.

  • South Side Fizz paired with eared lamb lollipops, white balsamic gastrique
  • Bee’s Knees paired with soft-baked salted pretzel, cheddar dip
  • Sidecar paired with corned beef Reuben slider
  • Corpse Reviver paired with orange brioche doughnut with lemon ginger syllabub


Feb. 2: Exotic Spirits

They might not be big in the U.S. yet, but these seemingly fringe-dwelling spirits are international standards! For example, did you know in 2014, Jinro Soju was the largest selling alcohol brand in the world with sales of 71 million cases worldwide. Come celebrate a copia of flavors that have been hiding just around the corner…

  • Leblon Cachaca paired with cane-glazed chicken wings
  • Kappa Pisco paired with Gulf seafood ceviche, fresh-fried tortilla chips
  • Ty Ku Soju paired with bulgogi beef and scallion rice lettuce wraps
  • Los Amantes Mezcal Joven paired with ambrosia with cardamom ice cream


March 2: Big Top Brewery

“For years Brewmaster Josh Wilson has been crafting great beers in Sarasota, Florida and for years his friends have been enjoying his art.  It made complete sense to form Big Top Brewing Company to bring those artfully crafted beers to everyone. When we started Big Top Brewing Company, there were no craft breweries in the Sarasota area and we set out to fix that. We have a great town, with a great history, and the only thing missing was that great local beer.”

  • Conch Republic Key Lime Wheat paired with crab-stuffed jumbo shrimp, mango salsa
  • Trapeze Monk Belgian Wit paired with Gulf Coast half-shell oysters, frozen orange mignonette
  • Circus City IPA paired with fried Wisconsin cheese curds, Sriracha ketchup
  • Hawaiian Lion Coffee Coconut Porter paired with carrot cake with candied carrots



April 6: Rollins Distillery

“Rollins Distillery is a small craft distillery located in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Incorporated in 2011 we are the First Licensed Distillery in the Florida Panhandle. Our Core Brand is Esprit de Krewe and we encourage you to come and see what a craft distilled spirit is all about!”

  • Esprit de Krewe Vodka paired with Southern deviled eggs, fresh dill, caper dust
  • The Breezer Cocktail paired with house-cured salmon, shaved cucumber, bacon foam
  • Esprit de Krewe Crystal Rum paired with Caribbean jerk-style pulled pork tacos, avocado whip
  • Esprit de Krewe Golden Rum paired with mango cream pie with toasted coconut bark


May 4: Funky Buddha Brewery

“Funky Buddha Brewery was founded in 2010 in Boca Raton, Florida, and is committed to producing bold craft beers that marry culinary-inspired ingredients with time-honored technique. Our mantra is big, bold flavors, made exactingly with natural ingredients. So, for example, if we say a beer will taste like peanut butter and jelly, you can be sure you’ll smell and taste the fresh roasted peanuts and fruity berry jam. Our beers strive towards big, bold flavor. It’s who we are.”

  • Hop Gun paired with almond-crusted goat cheese, warm fig jam
  • Hop Stimulator paired with chicken satay skewer, spicy Thai peanut sauce
  • Floridian paired with buffalo frog legs, creamy blue cheese slaw
  • Seasonal Brew (in the works; it’s a surprise) paired with keylime granita


June: 1: Havana, 1925

Before Castro and the Revolution, Havana was known as “a mistress of pleasure, the lush and opulent goddess of delights.” Hotels, nightclubs, and casinos became the playing fields for jet-setting socialites and debutantes, and rum was king. Join us for part two of our classic cocktail series!

  • El Nacional paired with blue crab cake, fruta bomba slaw
  • Canchanchara paired with Picadillo-stuffed roasted ripe plantain, mozzarella
  • Mojito paired with corn and black bean empanadas, roasted red pepper aioli
  • Culto a la Vida paired with apple fritter with arroz con leche


(Note – featured breweries/distilleries may be subject to change)