Harvest Mule

by Chef

If you’ve ever stepped into a bar, chances are you’ve seen, heard, or sipped on the classic Moscow Mule. Invented in the early 1940s by John G. Martin and Jack Morgan, the original Mule, or “Buck,” was crafted with high-quality vodka, spicy ginger beer, and fresh-squeezed lime. Although the drink name refers to the popular perception of vodka as a Russian product, it actually became popular during the “vodka craze” in the United States in the 50s. The following years resulted in an increased love for the Moscow Mule and put it at the forefront of American artisanal craft cocktails. Although the original Moscow Mule is a perfectly balanced cocktail that needs no alterations, artistic variations of the Mule are popping up all over the scene. From fresh, muddled berries (a perfect springtime addition) to jalapeños (spicy!) to fresh herbs like lavender and sage, innovation in this classic cocktail is becoming widely sought after by Mule enthusiasts. With the turning of the leaves and fall menu debut here at Jackson’s, we challenged ourselves to create our own variant of the classic American cocktail — the Harvest Mule. The premise behind the Harvest Mule is simple — a classic cocktail twisted into one that exudes autumn and all its season’s traditions. Crafted with Crop Organic Spiced Pumpkin and Cathead Pecan vodkas, spicy ginger beer, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and floated with Deep Eddy Cranberry vodka, the flavor palate and color scheme is reminiscent of all of autumn’s joys. The Harvest Mule will have you asking to “pass the vodka — I mean potatoes!” on Thanksgiving Day.

Serves: 1


1 oz. Cathead Pecan vodka

1 oz. Crop Organic Pumpkin vodka

¼ oz. fresh-squeezed citrus

Gosling’s ginger beer (topping)

Deep Eddy Cranberry vodka (float)

Lemon wheel (garnish



Build the Cathead Pecan vodka, Crop Pumpkin vodka, and citrus over ice in a tall glass, top with Gosling’s ginger beer, and float the cocktail with Deep Eddy Cranberry vodka. Garnish with a lemon wheel.