Compass Box Scotch / Great King Street / Blood & Sand

by Chef

If you didn’t make it to our recent scotch dinner at Jackson’s I have to tell you that you really missed out. I’m honestly not trying to rub it in, but I just have to say, wow what a great event! I know that scotch isn’t always revered as the most popular of spirits; but taking into account how perfectly it fits the season during this time of year, and how consistently delicious Chef Irv Miller’s offerings typically are, one can easily see what they potentially missed out on. For those of you who did make it out, you either already knew, or learned that night, how amazing the scotch whiskies from Compass Box are. Also, that we were really, really lucky to have our guest speaker, Compass Box ambassador Mark Pruckner, hanging out with us for the night. I of course had a wonderful time, and even learned a few new things that evening. Most importantly, while enjoying a number of scotch-based cocktails, I was reminded of the classic “Blood & Sand,” and how satisfying a libation it truly is. The Blood & Sand cocktail was inspired by, and also named after, the classic film from 1922. The movie’s plotline, in my opinion, while dramatic and inspiring, doesn’t mean a whole lot to the world of drink making. The story deals with a peasant boy and his rise to fame as Mexico’s most talented and successful matador, and his subsequent downfall that followed. Nevertheless, the cocktail is delicious. In regards to classics, there’s typically a reason these beverages have stood the test of time. So, this month we’re featuring the “Blood & Sand” made with Compass Box’s award-winning blend, Great King Street. It’s made of a blend of Lowland, Highland, and Speyside single-malt whiskies, aged in first-fill American Oak, and new French Oak. The result is a soft yet fruity whisky that has flavors of vanilla, apple, spices, and wood. It plays wonderfully with the cherry liqueur, sweet vermouth, and fresh-squeezed orange juice in this recipe. Check out the recipe below if you want to try your hand at home. If not, we would love to see you at our bar at Jackson’s, and we would be happy to shake one up for you.


Blood & Sand
1 oz. Great King Street scotch
¾ oz. Cherry Heering liqueur
¾ oz. Carpano Antica vermouth
¾ oz. fresh-squeezed orange juice


Combine all ingredients and shake with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass or coupe, and garnish with a cherry.