Locally owned and operated by Cloyd and Dorothy Bruton, the Cantonment couple have been making fresh grits and cornmeal from scratch for over 10 years, since they acquired a 1927 hit-and-miss engine and grinder. The gasoline-powered engine uses two 12-inch granite stones to grind yellow corn into tiny grains.

According to the Brutons, “We’re doing it the old-fashioned way. We buy our corn straight from the farm. We’re trying to keep some heritage alive.” Cloyd said they produce a fresher product that has no added ingredients, compared to store-bought grits and corn meal ground from steel rollers that lose some of their flavor and nutrition from the mill to the store shelf.

The Fish House is proud to serve C&D grits, just one of the special touches that makes our world-famous Grits à Ya Ya so delicious!