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Gulf Coast OYSTERS Classic & Modern Recipes of a Southern Renaissance Cookbook


Jackson’s Steakhouse is proud to announce the release of our own Chef Irv Miller’s second cookbook, “Gulf Coast OYSTERS; Classic & Modern Recipes of a Southern Renaissance.  Gulf Coast Oysters is a beautifully photographed and joyful exploration of the Gulf oyster culture.  Replete with mouth-watering recipes that honor the many oyster classics of the Gulf foodways, Gulf Coast Oysters also celebrates the renaissance of the region by putting a fresh, modern, and delicious spin on preparing these “panhandle pearls” for oyster lovers everywhere.



It’s been said Gulf Coast oysters have the cleanest taste of any oyster, “…it tastes of the sea and not much else, and for that reason they should be the oysters against which all others should be measured.”

Gulf Coast Oysters: Classic & Modern Recipes for a Southern Renaissance is the latest cookbook from acclaimed and award-winning chef, Irv Miller.  Beautifully photographed and replete with mouth-watering recipes, Gulf Coast Oysters is a joyful and thorough exploration of Gulf oyster culture that honors the many oyster classics of the Gulf foodways while also putting a fresh, modern spin on preparing “panhandle pearls.”

Going beyond its delicious recipes and stunning photos, Gulf Coast Oysters also focuses on preserving the Gulf’s cross-cultural, Southern traditions and a goal of creating new interest in seafood-sustainable products. Miller’s years of hands-on experience of modernizing the way the Florida Panhandle thinks about food, as well as his support of sustainable food-producing practices, has provided him the unique and credentialed perspective for telling the story of the ever-changing food scene along the Gulf Coast.

Whether you’re a native of the Gulf Coast, a passionate epicurean, or simply part of the growing population of oyster fans that’s booming from coast-to-coast, Gulf Coast Oysters: Classic & Modern Recipes for a Southern Renaissance is an bountiful book of diverse Gulf oyster recipes, striking photography, and an engaging look at the culture surrounding the ancient mollusk’s place on Gulf coast.




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