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Save the Third for Chef Irv Cooking Demonstrations and Drinks at Jackson’s Steakhouse

Save the Third for Chef Irv

Cooking Demonstrations and Drinks at Jackson’s Steakhouse


Join Chef Irv Miller of Jackson’s Steakhouse as he leads a series of cooking classes on the third Wednesday of each month. Classes cover everything from shopping to preparation to presentation. Two classes are scheduled for each month. The first class begin promptly at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m. The second class begins at 7:30 p.m. and concludes at 9:00 p.m. Each class costs $45 per person, which covers the cooking demonstration, tastings of the recipes, wine pairings, and a take-home recipe booklet so you can try your hand at Miller’s recipes in the comfort of your own home. Reservations are required, so be sure to make yours by calling Maria Goldberg, Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Special Events at 850-217-2347.


Gulf Coast Seafood, Wednesday: July 18th

Chef Miller is a proud Gulf Coaster for well-over three decades. He has committed his talents to the Northwest Coast of Florida and is recognized from Pensacola to Seaside as one of the Gulf Coast’s best chefs. His regional dishes include ingredients that he has enjoyed and found remarkable. Chef Irv will share tips for purchasing, storing, preparing and cooking fresh seafood and shellfish. Chef will inspire you to use the freshest seafood available by purchasing over the counter seafood fresh off the boat.  Locally prized seasonal catches include red snapper, grouper, scamp, cobia, pompano, trigger fish, swordfish, wahoo, Mahi mahi. Chef Miller hill share information and prepare treasured locally available foods and recipes in a 4-course sampling for you to enjoy.


Flavors of Provence, Wednesday: August: 15th

While Julia Child is recognized world-wide as one of the first women to bring French cooking to American household, nothing beats the diversity and originality of dishes in the region where simple French Cooking all began! Within France, there are many regions with different specialties and various local ingredients. The culinary culture of Provence in Southern France has a very distinct gastronomy compared to the north and central France. Thanks to a mild climate and an unrivaled location that allows its inhabitants to enjoy fresh fish, meats, fruit and vegetables throughout the year. Chef Miller will share easy to replicate recipes and discuss culinary possibilities of provincial-style cooking that can be cooked in any American home.


Gulf Coast Favorites, Wednesday: September 19th

Chef Miller will be featuring the resources and special dishes of the Gulf regions. Chef Miller will walk you through coastal cooking ingredients from Texas, Louisiana, including Pensacola, the Florida Keys and the Yucatan Peninsula. Chef will use culturally inspired ingredients from each region to prepare all his recipes. He will also share information about treasured locally available food including food favorites from the waters of our very own Gulf of Mexico. In addition, Miller will demonstrate how to prepare some of his favorite regional recipes from Northwest Florida.   This regional coastal cooking-style is uncomplicated, home-spun, and culturally inspired from generations of settlers.


Italian Coastal Cuisine, Wednesday: October 17th

During class we will celebrate a love of both simple Italian cooking and saltwater-kissed seafood recipes. Our guest chef will prepare four dishes for tasting using different cooking methods, such as soup, pasta, grilled and baked!  Stay tuned for more information on this class.


Simple Holiday Recipes, Wednesday: November 21st  

Chef Miller will share some of his favorite holiday cooking tips and provide a delicious cross section of creative holiday recipes, showcasing some easy to prepare and tasty indulgences to keep your friends and family coming back for more. Recipes will include alternative ideas for turkey and ham and new twists on traditional holiday sides.  Chef Miller will also create some new and interesting holiday inspired vegetable alternatives. You don’t want to miss his butternut squash recipe.



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