Spiced Pear-Tini

by Chef

Sometimes the answer to a great cocktail is all about keeping it simple and using quality ingredients. I know that probably sounds like an obvious statement, but, as mixologists, these days that’s rarely all we do. The majority of the time, trendy new creations contain a number of extremely tedious, and often complicated, steps; not to mention a plethora of hard-to-come-across unique and unusual ingredients. Rare, antiquated liqueurs, do-it-yourself syrups, hydrosols, and tinctures are all being utilized in today’s libations, and the shelves on some back bars resemble old apothecary’s storerooms of yore. Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with the somewhat over-the-top beverages. I can appreciate drinks that call for fifteen faingredients as much as the next fella. Tasty is tasty, no matter how difficult (or easy) the process is. Make them all as fancy as you want, please — but know that sometimes all you need to do is throw a couple of the right things together, and a wonderful cocktail can be as simple as that. Several years back, while working on one of the very first seasonal menus that I had the pleasure of helping out with at Jackson’s, a few of us bar folks were playing around with some ideas when we came up with a cocktail that ended up becoming so popular that we put it on the menu two years in a row (we rarely ever do that, by the way). All we did was mix together some pear vodka, pear nectar, sugar, and citrus. We weren’t exactly breaking the mold, I know, but the result was surprisingly good! I’m sure it wasn’t the first time it had been done, and I know it wasn’t exactly “cutting edge,” but that’s my point — sometimes the simplistic route more than pays off. Over time, we added a touch of spice to the mixture, and a little sugar to the rim, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then even my own contributions have been much more in-depth, or even complicated for that matter, but for this month’s feature I wanted to bring back the former house favorite because it’s a perfect example of simple meets delicious! Check out the recipe below to try it at home, or, as always, stop by our bar and we would love to shake one up for you. Cheers!


1 ½ oz. Grey Goose La Poire (pear vodka)
1 oz. pear nectar
½ oz. lemon juice
½ oz. simple syrup
1 small pinch of apple pie spice


Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass that is rimmed with brown sugar and cinnamon. Garnish with a pear slice or cinnamon stick.